My own green space

As a gardener and landscape designer my own personal garden receives a fair share of neglect; save for watering the trees in this year's drought I gravitate more towards the hammock than the tools after a long day outside.

Over the years the perennials have crowded out the weeds and I deliberately let the young Cercis tree sprawl to screen the patio with its immense leaves. Yet, for all the neglect the garden is a gift that I cherish, a giving and green oasis in a big city. On this long weekend the dahlias finally got planted- late yes! Compost got spread, a rose moved and the last of the peas, haskaps, currants and serviceberries all gleaned. I still haven't got my beans planted but for now I'll content myself with all the volunteer tomato plants that have emerged and return to the hammock. Happy Canada Day weekend.